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To establish a self contained community where Veterans can re-build their lives, while receiving access to needed services.

Elysian Fields Transformational Community (EFTC) is committed to re-connecting Veterans with the community in a healthy, elevating, and tangible way through mental health, outreach and follow-up services.

Elysian Fields Mission

Elysian Fields strives to give Veterans the freedom to create and to construct, wander and venture out into the world.

Such freedom requires that the individual and his or her family take responsibility for creating more choices that enhance life. It requires an active, rather than by-stander approach to life.

Elysian Fields Vision

Krista Wilson is the Founder and Executive Director of Elysian Fields Transformational Community.  Elysian Fields partners with local vocational schools, other Veteran groups, and community members to promote self-reliance.

Krista knows first-hand how to live with a debilitating physical condition and thrive in spite of it. Physical challenges related to spinal disease are not unlike those faced by many Veterans who must learn coping strategies to deal with chronic pain.

Krista is a tireless advocate for the rights of Veterans and for making quality, affordable housing available to every Veteran.

Elysian Fields Founder

Elysian Fields Transformational Community

provides transitional housing and outreach support services to youth, Veterans and families
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