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• Sturdy bag

• Sleeping bag
• 3 pack of large or extra large t-shirts
• 3 pairs of white crew length socks
• 3 pairs of underwear (large or extra large)
• Flashlight with change of batteries
• BIC lighter
• First Aid Kit (band-aid and ointment)
• Thermos
• One set of utensils
• Can Opener

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• Quart size zip-lock baggies
• Antibacterial no-rinse soap
• Disposable razors
• Toothbrush
• Toothpaste (trial size)
• Mouthwash (alcohol free) (trial size)
• Shampoo (trial size)
• Hairbrush
• Baby Wipes (trial size)
• Roll of toilet paper
• Pen and small pad of paper

With your help we will put together 50 backpacks for homeless Veterans

Elysian Fields held its first backpack drive at the Del Monte Coffee Shop in Sunnyvale on Saturday November 24, 2012.  Though not as successful as the organization had hoped, it generated enough funds to purchase backpacks for fourteen (14) homeless Vets.  The Vets were given sleeping bags, tents, t-shirts, socks, flashlights, gift cards to McDonald’s and other goodies that is sure to bring some much-needed Christmas cheer to them.

Hard-working Executive Director, Krista Wilson says the goal of the organization is to assist a minimum of fifty (50) homeless Vets in this season of goodwill and is appealing to members of the public who are in a position to contribute to this worthy cause to do so.

The backpacks were handed over to Susan Harrison, the licensed clinical worker that works in the Emergency Room of the VA Hospital in Palo Alto for her to determine the Veterans most in need of assistance at this time.

The organization wishes to express its sincerest gratitude to those who contributed to this effort, especially Dan Dyer of the San Carlos Flight Center and Mike McNutt of the Saint Jude’s Episcopal Church of Cupertino.

The long term goal of the non-profit organization is to purchase property to house twenty-six vets and their families as they transition to self reliance in the first instance and expand the program to cater for hundreds of our wounded heroes.

Elysian Fields held its first backpack drive

Elysian Fields Transformational Community

provides transitional housing and outreach support services to youth, Veterans and families
Help Support a Homeless Veteran Today!
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