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Q:  I am recently separated from the military or just returning from a deployment. How do I apply for
     unemployment benefits in CA?​
A:  You can apply for unemployment benefits online at California Employment Development Department

Q:  Does CalJobs have Veteran Services?
A:  Welcome to Veteran Services. Here you can find summary information about available Veteran Programs.

Q:  How do I apply for a Work-Study Position?

A:  You must be a Veteran or dependent of a 100% service connected disabled Veteran attending college

      at least ¾ time on a VA program such as Montgomery GI Bill or Vocational Rehab.   Bring

      certification of your enrollment and a completed application to your local County Veterans Service

      Office at CVSO or call 1-800-952-5626.​​​​
Q:  How do I qualify for the College Fee Waiver Program?

A:  You must be the dependent of an eligible disabled Veteran with a service connected disability rating

     of 0% or higher.  Some other qualifications are required under specific plans.

Q:  What do I need to do to apply for the College Fee Waiver Program?

A:   You need to bring an application which can be obtained from the CA Department of Veteran Affairs

      website or your local CVSO. You must include with you application proof of dependency  (i.e. birth

      certificate, adoption records, marriage license), proof of service connected​ disability and proof  of

      income.  Proof of income is not required for dependents of 100% service ​connected Veteran                
Q:  What education programs are available with VA-approved training programs?

A:   You can read below and click on the link that reads... CalVet.

​      As a Veteran, there are several education programs available which you may use for a wide variety of
​      VA-approved education and training programs to include: apprenticeship and on-the-job training, college 
​      degree and certificate programs, flight training, and correspondence courses. Each program provides
​      different benefits to different groups of individuals and offers a specified number of “months” of benefits.
​      Typically, most education benefits can be collected for 36 months; however, the maximum amount  that
​      can be collected under any combination of VA education program is 48 months. Please note that
      Veterans can only use one VA education benefit for training at a time.

Q:  Are there any educational facilities for Veterans in the immediate area that provide certificate based
A:  Yes.  Central County Occupational Center (CCOC) and Metropolitan Adult Education Programs (MAEP).  
     Then to follow there are three collaborating partners of  MetroEd and they will help you get started.
NOVACONNECT Job Seeker Center, Sunnyvale, CA - (408) 774-5421
       - PROJECT HIRED Wounded Warrior Workforce, San Jose, CA - (408) 557-0880
       - WORK2FUTURE Veterans can attend any site, San Jose, Campbell and Gilroy - (408) 794-1100

Q:  How would I go about hiring a hero?
A:  They say you could find several at "Hire a Hero."  The web link is to the right of you. ​"Hire a Hero."

Education & Employment

Military Records

Q:  How can I get a copy of my discharge document (DD214)?

A:  Veterans who need assistance with obtaining military medals and records to which they may be 

     entitled can contact the CA Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-800-952-5626 or go online to and use the "eVetRecs" request system. You can also submit a U.S.
     Government "Standard Form 180" and mail it to the following address:  National Personnel Records
     Center, Military Records, 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63132-5100.​

Q:  I applied for a copy of my DD-214 and have not received it yet, where is it?
A:  Once you have allowed sufficient time for CA Department of Veterans Affairs to receive and process
      your request (about 10 days), you may check the status of your request by e-mail
      through their NPRC Customer Service Center at Please provide the request
      number if you have one, the name, address and phone number of the requester, and the Veteran's
      branch of service to aid them to finding your request in their system. You will receive a return e
      mail from them with a projected completion date for your request. You may also telephone the
      NPRC Customer Service Line (this is a long-distance call for most customers): 314-801-0800.
Q:  What is the biggest impediment to setting up Elysian Fields?
A:  Funding and Land. 

Q:  Where can I go to find events that EFTC is doing?
A:  Elysian Event Calendar... Click here
Q:  What organizations sponsor EFTC?
A:  See our Proud Sponsors page... Click here

Elysian Fields Transformational Community

Q:  How do I find out about all the benefits that I may be entitled to?

A:  The best way to find out about all benefits that you might be entitled to is to register with the

      Reintegration Program. You can do so online at: CVCS or by going to your local County 
      Veterans Service Office. 

Q:  How do I file for a disability claim?

A:  If this is the first time you have filed a claim or you have done so in the in the past where you were

     granted or denied benefits, we recommend contacting your local County Veteran Service Office

     CVCS or call (800) 952-5626.

Q:  I did not receive or I lost my pension/disability check. What do I do?

A:  You should contact your local County Veteran Service Office at CVCS or call the

      U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at (800) 827-1000.
Q:  I am in danger of or have lost my home? What can I do?

A:  There are several different programs available to assist a Veteran facing foreclosure.  Please contact

      the United States Department of Veterans Affairs at (800) 827-1000 for more information about
Q:  How do I get a Veterans License Plate?
A:  Veteran License Plate decals are available online and can be obtained by visiting California DMV You
     can get an application by contacting California Department of Veteran Affairs, or by visiting your local
     County Veteran Service Officer.  Veteran License Plates are available to CA residents and proceeds
     directly support CA Veterans.

Q:  I purchased a Veterans License Plate; do I still have to pay registration fees to the state?
A:  Yes, Veterans License Plates are $30.00 in addition to any other DMV fees you may be liable for.
     There is an additional one time $10.00 fee for personalized license plates.
Q:  Does California offer free hunting or fishing licenses?
A:   No, but CA does offer reduced fee hunting and fishing licenses to eligible veterans with a 50% or higher
      service connected disability rating. Contact The California Department of Fish and Game License and
      Revenue Branch 1740 N. Market Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95834 Phone (916) 928-5805 for more
Q:  Does California offer free park passes?
A:  No, but disabled veterans with a 50% or higher service connected disability rating may be eligible to
     receive  a lifetime CA parks pass for only $3.50. Contact ​California Department of Parks and Recreation,
     Field Services Division, P.O. Box 942896 Sacramento, CA 94296-0001 or call (916) 653-4272
     for more information.

State Benefits

Q:  How can I find the location of the nearest USDVA medical facility?

A:  In California - USDVA Medical Facilities in California

     In Other States - USDVA Medical Facilities - Nationwide

Q:  How can I find the location of the nearest USDVA regional office?

A:  In California - USDVA Regional Offices in California

     Other States - USDVA Regional Offices - Nationwide

USDVA Locations

VA Healthcare

Q:  How do I get a Veteran's ID card?

A:  Your local VA Healthcare facility will issue ID cards to veterans that are enrolled in Healthcare

     benefits. Also, certain Veteran Service Organizations issue member ID cards.

Q:  Why should I enroll for VA health care benefits?​​
A:  Veterans should enroll for health care benefits to ensure they receive the comprehensive benefits
     package offered through VA’s national health care system. VA offers comprehensive medical care,  
     including any necessary medical outpatient and inpatient services.
     Veterans can apply for VA health care enrollment by completing VA Form 10-10EZ, which takes about 15
     minutes. VA will then process the online or mail-in application. 
Q:  How do I enroll in the VA Healthcare system?​​

A:  You can enroll online at VA Healthcare System​, at your local County Veteran Service Office or any VA


Q:  What mental health resources are available from VA?
​​A:  Mental health services are available at 132 medical centers as well as mental health outpatient services
     in 689 medical centers and community-based outpatient clinics. In addition, VA offers readjustment
     counseling services for Veterans and their families at 209 Vet Centers across the nation. Veterans with a
     serious mental illness are seen at facilities and clinics where specialized programs such as mental health
     intensive case management, day centers, work programs, and psychosocial rehabilitation are provided.  
     For information about mental health and VA services and benefits pertaining to mental health, please visit
    VA Mental Health.



Q.  Is there a VA Homeless Veterans Dental Program and provides dental treatment for eligible Veterans?
A.  Yes, in a number of programs: Domiciliary A. Residential Rehabilitation Treatment, VA Grant and Per
     Diem, Compensated Work Therapy/Transitional Residence, Healthcare for Homeless Veterans (contract
     bed), and Community Residential Care. VA is working to expand dental care to all eligible Veterans within
     this program. Homeless Veterans Dental Program.

Q:  I have a medical appointment and can't get to the hospital. Does the VAhave a transportation 

A:  Transportation can be arranged through a volunteer network to VA facilities:


      VA Office Phone No.
      Fresno (559) 241-6424
      La Jolla (858) 552-7470
      Livermore (925) 477-2560 Ext. 36169
      Loma Linda (909) 422-3014
      Los Angeles (213) 253-2677 Ext. 4604
      Mather (916) 843-7001
      Palo Alto (650) 493-5000 Ext. 63645
      San Francisco (415) 221-4810 Ext. 5612
      Sepulveda (818) 895-9408
      West LA (310) 478-3711 Ext. 49062



Q. What benefits and services are available for spouses and dependents of deceased Veterans?
A.  The Veterans Benefits Administration has created a "survivors" Web site for spouses and dependents of
      military personnel who died on active duty and for the survivors and dependents of veterans who died
      after leaving the military.  The site also has information from the VA and provides links to other federal
      agencies and organizations that offer benefits and services to survivors and dependents. by going


Q:  I am a homeless Veteran in need of help, who can I call?

A:  You can call the VA's National Resource Call Center (for homeless veterans) at: (877) 4AID VET

     (877) 424-3838)
Q:  Where can I find rental assistance?

A:   You can find organizations that provide rental assistance at: National Resource Directory, or by

      calling The National Resource Directory at: Call (877)-4AID VET (1-877-424-3838).

Q:  Where can I find emergency shelters?
A:  Local churches and faith-based organizations such as Catholic Charities, Salvation Army and​
     Volunteers of America may have a variety of programs to assist you. Find these organizations by​
     calling your county or city Department of Social Services. Check the phone book blue pages for the
     number. Or dial 2-1-1.

​Q:  Anyone know if I can get online with Goodwill Industries to review their Veteran Programs?
A:  They should be just a click away.  Click on the link to your right.  Goodwill programs for Veterans.

Q:  Can you pass along the information for a site called Destination Home?

A:  I have that website as one of my bookmarks.  Click on the link to the right: Destination Home.

Renters & Housing

Burial & Cemetery Benefits

Q:  Where are National Cemeteries located?

A:   You can find the location of all national and state cemeteries, including Arlington National

      Cemetery, at the USDVA website National Cemeteries.
Q:  What are the eligibility requirements for burial in a national cemetery?

A:  The eligibility requirements for burial in either a national or state cemetery are generally the same;

      details can be found at Eligibility Criteria. Be sure to check the individual cemetery’s website to be
      sure that they are still accepting new internments.The criteria for burial in Arlington National
      cemetery are stricter, specific information can be found at Arlington Burial Eligibility.

Q:  How can I find where someone was buried in a national veteran’s cemetery?

A:  The USDVA maintains a nationwide database of burials at veteran’s cemeteries; you can search for

      the burial location at Grave Locator.

Q:  What burial benefits does the USDVA provide for veterans?

A:   The USDVA provides burial benefits for veterans, which depend upon whether the veteran is being​

      buried in a private cemetery or a national or state cemetery. You can obtain specific information​
      about these benefits and how to apply for the benefits at the Burial Benefits website.


Q:  My (Parent, Spouse, Dependent) has passed away. Can they be laid to rest in a Veteran Cemetery?

A:  Veterans and certain dependents of veterans may be interred in a Veteran Cemetery if they meet the

     eligibility requirements. For a complete list of eligibility requirements please visit and
     select cemeteries. Eligibility requirements for State run Veteran Cemeteries can be found by visiting
     our Veterans Cemetery page.

Q:  How do I get a Veterans Memorial for my (Parent, Spouse, Dependent) gravesite?

A:  When burial or memorialization is in a national, post, or state Veterans' cemetery, a headstone or

      marker will be ordered by the cemetery officials based on inscription information provided by the
      next of kin. When burial is in a private cemetery, VA Form 40-1330, Application for Standard
      Government Headstone or Marker must be submitted by the next of kin or a representative, such as
      funeral director, cemetery official or Veterans counselor, along with Veterans military discharge
      documents, to request a Government-provided headstone or marker. Do not send original
      documents, as they will not be returned extra fees may apply.

Q:  How do I get my name or my (Parent, Spouse, Dependent) name entered into the Veterans
      Memorial Registry?
A:  You may either download an enrollment form to fill out and send to the Memorial Fund.  For more
      information please write to the California Veterans Memorial Project at 1227 "O" Street, Sacramento, CA
      95814 or call at (800) 808-2862.​

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