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Single Parent w/child

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Elysian Fields Housing

•  24-month transitional living in a singular dwelling for families and individuals​

Homes are:

•  Energy efficient, using solar panels.
•  Complete with kitchen, bathroom,
bedroom, and alcove.

•  107 square feet, not including porch.

Housing Features

Transitional Housing Support Program

Elysian Fields Transformational Community is a 26-unit residential housing facility designed to provide on-site support services to homeless Veterans. 

This 24-month transitional living program begins with an individually tailored "Success Plan" that provides support services to assist Veterans  in making the necessary life changes to once again become independent, productive members of society.  Each Veteran sets obtainable, measurable goals with a case manager and is required to go to school full-time.

The stability of long-term transitional housing assists Veterans while they stabilize and develop the skills needed for independent living.  During their time at Elysian Fields, staff help clients with their physical, emotional, and financial needs as well as help them to complete their journey to independence.

The  Elysian Fields main facility is equipped with administrative offices, a community center, on-site case managers, employment room, drivers for transportation needs, and a child development center.

The “One Stop Wrap-Around Service” combines housing and wrap-around services based on a Continuum of Care model provided at one location.

Elysian Fields main facility is equipped with administrative offices, a community center, employment room and a child development center.

Most of the support services, provided 7 days a week, 24-hours a day, are provided in-house by case managers and staff. Services include weekly meetings with case managers, mental health support, life and career coaching, regular case management review, child care, and social activities.

Main Facility

Homeless sweeps

Tiny house tour

Elysian Fields Transformational Community

provides transitional housing and outreach support services to youth, Veterans and families
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